Herbs for "Dream Lusanne"

shopping list for potion out of the book Wachtrame


Traumstadttrank rezept
perduces 6 doses

29 Alpen-mohn
23 voralpen-klee
19 gegenblattringer stein brech
17 Rosmarinheide
15 Lavendel
11 Gropbrutiges fettkraut
7 Wermut
5 Koenigskerze
3 Schafsgarbe
2 Blauer Eisehut

Und gewss stadterde!


We have ingredients 6 × 6 doses

we found this in the taxidermist shop along with some of the potion
we used the potion to go into the dream land where we encountered the Jigsaw Prince

Herbs for "Dream Lusanne"

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